Natural Gas Furnaces

Benefits to a natural gas furnace

With natural gas you never run out of fuel and no storage tanks to worry about.
Todays furnaces are up to 96% efficient- this means you save money on your heating bills.
Todays furnaces are much smaller and quieter- saving space and reducing noise is always a good thing.
Adding a natural gas furnace to your home will increase the resale value and open up other possibilities like a range, fireplace, BBQ, water heater, clothes dryer.
Adding a good quality filter to your furnace can drastically increase air quality in your home. You can breathe easy knowing your cleaning the air while being comfy and cozy.
2- Stage gas furnaces offer additional savings and comfort by reducing the heat output when it is not needed. This reduced setting heats the home more evenly and helps remove cold areas from the home. The unit is also much quieter in this mode and can handle the heating load for 90% of the time.
Presently there are FortisBC Gas Rebates available when you install a High Efficiency natural gas Furnace

Switching from oil to gas

This is a wise choice, with up to 60% energy savings and a FortisBC rebate, it makes switching to Natural Gas easy and affordable. No need to worry about ducting being too small; oil furnaces and natural gas furnaces can use the same duct system. In fact, the new gas furnace can correct some poorly designed heating systems and make heating your home more even- removing many cold spots in your home. Another advantage is how clean natural gas burns. There is no odour when the equipment starts and no black residue on the ceilings, walls, or windows. Also, with no storage tanks in your basement, your insurance company will like that and the extra space will come in handy.

Electric to Gas

This has many benefits. The biggest one is energy savings; up to 60% – not even a heat pump can offer that. Converting an electric furnace to a gas furnace makes good sense and the present ducting is a good fit with serious energy savings.

With electric baseboard heating it is worth considering a gas fireplace for zone heating. That is heating the area you and your family spend their time in. This reduces the energy consumption of your home, adds value to your investment, and leaves you with that warm and cozy feeling.

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