Wood Stoves and Catalytic Combustors

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Wood Stoves are an economical way to heat your home or an excellent back up source of heat. Today’s wood stove has come a long way from grandma’s parlor stove. They are much more efficient and cleaner burning than previous models; many with modern designs. Most wood stoves will provide an 8 hour burn time on low, with an air wash system to clean the glass on high fire. This will work well for most of us with having the stove on low all night and firing high in the morning to clean the glass and warm the house.

Another huge step forward in wood heat technology is the Catalytic Combustor.
Mounted in the top of a stove, they burn up to 90% of the creosote that would normally go into your chimney as wasted energy. This provides a secondary burn and removes lost energy from the smoke and gasses. This type of combustion generally uses 30% less wood and can offer up to a 40 hour burn time, that’s right 40 hours to refill the wood stove, that’s incredible. They also come with a thermostat that modulates the air for combustion. This remedies the problem with temperature swings common to wood stoves with a constant heat through your home. There are many styles to choose from to fit any home decor.